Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Day in my Life

I had planned to make this an ongoing daily post to let people see what life with PD, particularly Young Onset PD; and the hourly changes in what we call 'clinical states'.

Allow me to define some technical terms:

  • on: meds are working at the best I can expect; best of my new normal.
  • off: meds not helping. There are many clinical states that rotate to make my life more interesting. (YOPD is a fascinating topic to study, I just wish I didn't have to learn about it this up close and personal).
  • Dystonia: horrifically painful muscle cramps. Think charley horse pain, multiply it tenfold, then imagine it taking over your whole body and lasting for a few hours.
  • Dyskinesia:  involuntary swaying, dancing (kind of like a potty dance). This state is a side effect of medication.

7am - Woke up to my pill alarm. Took meds (11 pills).  Thursday mornings I don't have any scheduled help, so I had to get my own breakfast. 
10am - Good morning so far. I often have more dystonia when I am home alone, probably because I know it is up to me to feed the critters (and myself) and let the dog in and out.
9pm: Forgot about updates all day. Too much stuff happening in Canada, glued to the CBC news all day. No extreme PD symptoms all day. 

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