Friday, January 6, 2017

Parkinson Humour

  • Parkinson Humour – Because if you can laugh at yourself with Parkinsons, really laugh at the potentially humorous parts of this nasty disease, then even if a cure is not found in your life time, you’ll still be laughing all way to stage six. There is a sixth stage that no one told you about?

  • Stage Six: At a Parkinson support group meeting I was talking about the five stages of PD; and a fellow asked what happens at stage six. I said that stage six is the one where they hand out the halos and the.white robes. So if you can laugh at yourself with PD, you will still be laughing when you and God are kicking back, sharing a huge bowl of extra buttery popcorn while watching your funeral on the big screen multidimensional TV in Heaven.

  • People With Parkinson's don't do buffet: Or,at least they shouldn't! And yet, every Parkinson Conference that I have attended has included a breakfast, snack, and lunch – all served buffet style. I pity the cleaning crew.

  • People With Parkinson's still got Rhythm:  I’ve still got ma groove thang goin’ on, I just have to find music that matches my dyskinesias. (The sound track to the movie Footloose comes close. The original version, with Kevin Bacon. Who was in the movie JFK in 1991 with Dale Dye, who was in Casualties of War in 1989 with Michael J. Fox. Who has Parkinson's disease. Like me! Three degrees of separation!)

Today was not a good day

Living with Parkinson's disease is never boring! That is the only predictable part of my life. It is never the same disease from one day to the next, or even one hour to the next.

Today was not a good day. I had a severe bout of dystonia - muscle cramps, twisted torso, hands and feet curled inward. It lasted about three hours in the morning. Fortunately my wonderfully handsome and handy hubby made me breakfast in bed before he left for work. He also had to make supper because I also had a nasty bout of bradykinesia - inability to move - that started around 4:00 and lasted until around 8:30. I don't think I had any "on" time today. Most days I get at least an hour of almost pain free existence. Not today.