Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Friday, but my days are all the same...

The Problem with being on disability...

     Is that you don't get holidays or week-ends off. I do occasionally ask Derek if he can take on my pain for me for a day or two, and I'm sure he would if he could...but I know that this is my row to hoe, my river to cross, my lot in life, my cross to bear...I can't think of any more metaphors.

     In Michael J. Fox's first autobiography, "Lucky Man" he uses the metaphor "Everybody's got their own bag of hammers." I don't quite get that one...

    I've got a garden metaphor, even though in real life I hate gardening, but here goes:

Everybody in this life gets their own pile of ... ahem... manure
dropped into their backyard (remember, it's just a metaphor).
What you do with it it your choice.
You can sit on your pile and complain about the smell.
You can look around and compare your pile to everyone else's pile.
You can live in denial and try to ignore the smell.
Or you can spread it on the garden and grow some flowers.


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