Friday, May 6, 2011

Failed my walking test

I was at my neurologists for a third year check up on my brain implant. As I said in the blog about the second year check up, they do the whole test 4 times. First I come in off meds, but with the stimulator on. I have to do a bunch of tests in the office, like putting pegs in pegholes, pushing buttons, catching myself when they pull me backwards, and then the walking up and down the hallways like it shows in the videos. Then they turn off the stimulator, and I do the whole test again; then I take my meds and they do the whole test again; and finally they turn the stimulator back on and do the whole test again.

But on Tuesday when I went in, I started the first round of testing, and had such a severe dystonic attack that I couldn't do any of it. So the movement disorder clinic team and the surgical team have to meet to discuss what to do with me. They might want to start over, with the surgery, putting the wires in a different spot. I sure hope it helps this time.

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