Sunday, July 13, 2014

DBS Surgery Done At Last

Originally published on Triond in April, 2008

Part 5 of my ongoing Saga of DBS Surgery

Part 4 ended with me leaving the hospital. I told you about my wonderfully sweet, sensitive, generous Hubby who took me out for ice cream on the way home. I always say that if pain medication does't work, try ice cream. I hope my girls don’t read this. I am still paying for telling them that the best remedy for a sore throat is Coke. They've had a lot of sore throats since then.

In case you are running to your local bookstore to buy a copy of my manual “How to Train a Husband by getting a chronic, debilitating disease”, don’t bother. For one thing, I haven’t written that book yet. For another, even though I say that “Except for the constant pain and the inability to do much of anything, its not such a bad life”, I really would not recommend my method. A while ago, Munchkinette Number The Other One said that she would like to have Parkinson’s when she grows up so that she won’t have to work. Even though they see me every day, it is very hard for them to grasp how the pain from Fibromyalgia (which was diagnosed about 8 years ago) and Parkinson’s is really a bit different than the pain from stubbing your toe. I try not to remind them too often, because stubbing your toe really does hurt and they need Mommy’s comfort and attention. I was rather embarrassed once in a store when the clerk was complaining about a hangnail, and I told her that I have Parkinson’s disease. Now there’s a conversation ender! But it worked out for good – she told me that her brother also has young onset Parkinson’s, so my rudeness led to a deeper conversation.

I have to wait now for six weeks for the incisions to heal before they start to program the device. For now, it is just turned on at a low setting so that my body can get used to it while I wait. I have not had much dyskinesia (the involuntary dancing motion which is a side effect of medication), because the probing done during the surgery has already had an effect. That effect is only temporary, so for now I am taking my medications as usual.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

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