Friday, July 11, 2014

At Home: The first week after surgery

In hindsight, now that my restless leg syndrome has been diagnosed and since I have been on Lyrica, I now understand why it was absolutely impossible for me to rest or sleep. Back then though, I drove everyone crazy with my relentless walking at night.

Deep Brain Stimulator Surgery

Part 3: The First Week at Home

April 19, 2008

My doctor said to go home and sleep. My brain wouldn’t cooperate. I went into restless/exhausted mode, where I would lie down, but couldn’t get comfy, so I would get up again, and be too exhausted to do anything. I drove hubby nuts. I also was banging into everything, and I still don’t remember how I got some of those nasty bruises on my legs.

All week I was amazed at how calm my body was (except for not being able to rest). The dyskinesia  (dancing, uncontrollable swaying movement) was gone, and the device wasn’t even activated yet! My surgeon explained that this was a brief side effect of the surgery; the brain probes that they do while mapping the brain before implanting the permanent device have a bit of a calming effect for a few days.

I didn’t go out much. I was afraid of scaring people with my reverse Mohawk hairstyle with 18 staples in 2 rows on my head. When I did go out, I wore a scarf. Hubby asked me why I bothered, since whenever I ran into someone I knew, I pulled the scarf back to show off my war wounds. He just doesn’t get my flair for the dramatic.

After one week at home, it was time to go back to get the battery pack implanted. I thought this surgery would be much easier, since I would be under general anesthetic. Well – the surgery itself was easier (for me, at least), but I think the recovery was actually more difficult… Part 4 will describe how I survived (barely) the next surgery.

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